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October 6, 2011

Celebrate National Costume Swap Day With Some Halloween Tips

By: www.greenhalloween.org
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This Saturday is National Costume Swap Day, an initiative spearheaded by Green Halloween® to trade Halloween costumes and eliminate waste. (Swapping the costumes of only half of the children who celebrate Halloween would reduce annual landfill waste by 6,250 tons, equivalent to the weight of 2500 midsize cars. And that doesn't even address adult costumes.) While it's probably too late to coordinate a swap for October 8 we can still follow a few of their tips for an EEK-O-friendly Halloween:

Kermit was wrong. It is easy being green [on Halloween].

Just make choices that are people-healthy, animal-friendly and Earth-conscious. We’ll show you how with these 10 simple steps:

1. Plan ahead to avoid last-minute shopping which often limits your choices.

2. When it comes to costumes and décor—reuse, borrow, trade, purchase used or do-it-yourself.

3. Treat bags can be anything! For extra fun, match the bag to the costume using something you already own. Here are some ideas: purses, flower pots (cover the hole), cloth sacks, backpacks, lunchboxes.

4. Choose healthier treats. Take baby steps with organic candy and honey sticks, two child-favored choices. (Honey is not for children under two years of two).

5. Choose fun treasures instead of conventional sweets. Think of the treasures your child collects in her pockets—pretty rocks, coins, etc.

6. If you’re giving a party, avoid disposables including napkins, plates, cups, tablecloths and other décor.

7. Walk from house to house instead of driving.

8. Compost pumpkins and any other food, including leftover candy.

9. Collect candy wrappers and help your kids turn them into gift items like purses, bracelets and picture frames. Find directions on the internet.

10. Avoid purchasing any treats made with palm oil.

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