HeArts & Crafts

by Courtney Collins, Creative Director & Co-Owner of Little Junebugs

July 19, 2012
Did everyone have a great Fourth Of July? I certainly did. Mainly because it was a holiday that I could actually home! Not "home" on the East Coast, where I was born and raised. Home, as in the place where my bed, clothes (most of them, anyway!) and passport are. That passport is collecting dust in a drawer that probably needs cleaning and that bed gets about six hours of use these nights  for "resting"... or sleep, if I am lucky.

Everything else I need and use on a daily basis is in my store's office. This is how my life is now, as a first-year business owner still coming to grips with all that title entails. This morning, I was having a hard time believing that the 4th was two weeks ago, never mind that on Sunday, it will be one year ago that we got the keys to 27 S El Molino Avenue, the now-gorgeous home of little junebugs.

My partner and I are about to begin planning for our One Year Anniversary Party. We're having it at end of August and I am pretty excited (and in awe!) that we have made it this far. These past two weeks, I spent a lot of time thinking about all of the things for which I am thankful, which led to me making a list in my favorite notebook. It also led to a lot of doodling in my notebook because I always doodle when doing Heavy Thinking), specifically...heart-shaped doodles. (and no, Channing Tatum's name was nowhere near them, but I am VERY thankful for his dance numbers in Magic Mike. Please go see that movie if you haven't yet!).

One thing that made my ‘I'm Thankful For’ list is having the opportunity to give back in creative ways, now that I have such a great business. I had been cooking up some ideas on how I could install a program here at that would combine creativity in the studio, and some philanthropy, because these two things make me feel good. And if I can't take a summer vacation, I still want to feel good.

As kismet would have it, that feisty fairy godmother of mine decided to deliver two presents to me that very day. One being a meeting with an uber-talented photographer named Tanya Alexis. The second, a meeting for this upcoming week with an incredible woman from the Pablove organization. This was all my overactive brain needed to complete the recipe I was trying to write.

Just days later, Tanya, my partner, Brian, and I had come up with The HeArts & Crafts Project. What is it, you ask? Well, you book a session for your child (or yourself and some friends? There IS a wine store next door!) on one of the HeArts & Crafts events days. We give you a blank canvas, a plethora of hearts from which to choose, and access to all our studio has to offer to make that canvas sparkle, gleam, shine, and stand-out. Rockstar photographer, Tanya, will capture all the fun moments in the studio, and then take a portrait of you and your artwork in our brand-new photo studio, conveniently located upstairs!

The ninety minute play date here costs $40 per child, but we give group discounts for four or more crafters. We are donating 20 percent of the cost to the amazing Pablove Shutterbugs program. Tanya will email you a link to your photos, and if you like them, you can order prints. If you are not familiar with Shutterbugs, it is a charity that teaches children living with cancer to develop their creative voice, through the art of photography.

Our very first HeArts & Crafts event will be here next Saturday, July 28th from 12-3pm. Come join us! But if you can't...create some crafting magic right at home.

To make a canvas like mine:

  • I painted the canvas metallic silver;
  • Cut some glittered cardstock into stripes that I affixed to the canvas with Tacky Glue.
  • I found a large, lightweight wooden heart and painted it red.
  • Then, I simply had to decide what's in "my" heart.
  • Right now, it's a love for robots and the idea that I can make anything if I try!
  • I drew the robots with a graphite pencil,filled them in with silver paint and accessorized!

We would love to know what's in your heart. Why don't you come show us at our first HeARTS & Crafts event next weekend. 


                                                  * * *

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