Uncle Milton's Wild Anteater Bug Vac

A Review of High Sierra Eco Explorer and Expedition Sky Flare

By Faith Mellinger August 30, 2012
We have been exploring outdoors all summer, but we've been having exceptional fun the last few weeks with our National Geographic Explorer toys from Uncle Miltons Toys. My 3 year-old became instantly attached to the Anteater Bug Vac.

The first night he slept with it (we released any bugs caught before bedtime). It is super easy to use so even the baby had a turn (all you do is touch a button and it sucks up like a mini dust vac). An added bonus, in addition to crickets and ants this has also been used to pick up fallen cheerios and other snacks. Always love a toy that  gets them helping with a little cleanup around the house.

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The words and opinions expressed in this review are my own. Toys were provided by Uncle Milton Toys for the purpose of this revew.